Sunday, December 05, 2010

Gm's Story

“Gm” left Afghanistan in order to pursue an education.  It’s widely known that women in Afghanistan were denied educational opportunities under the Taliban.  In certain regions, however, even men (especially men from certain minority ethnic groups, like “Gm”) were denied much beyond an elementary education.  “Gm” was not satisfied with this.  He dreamed of learning English and French, the “languages of education” as “Gm” put it.  This hunger to learn led “Gm” to flee Afghanistan for Pakistan, and then India before eventually turning westward to Europe.

“Gm” first heard about Jesus in India.  Since then, God’s Spirit has continued to pursue him.  Now, roughly nine years later (!), “Gm” is ready to follow Jesus. As an Afghan, “Gm” faces almost certain rejection from family and friends.

When asked how his Muslim family will respond when they learn of his decision to follow Jesus, "Gm" responded, "My family will become my first enemies I will need to learn to love in the way of Jesus."

So what can compel such risk?  Love. Legalism and moralism cannot provide the courage to risk.  “Gm” says that understanding the love of God, however, compels him to risk everything.  Jesus on the cross paints the picture clearly: God is love.  It is this love that has wooed “Gm” for nearly a decade, and now it is this love to which “Gm” surrenders his life.  Jesus lords over us in love.  “Gm” gets it, and now has given his life to it.
Please pray for “Gm”.  He asks specifically for boldness in living and sharing his faith.  Pray for God’s love to be all the more evident to “Gm” as the persecution and rejection of the world begins.  Also, “Gm” still has a great passion for learning; I know that he would appreciate greatly if you would pray that God would provide an opportunity for formal education.  Thanks for your prayers; thanks for standing with us!

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Anonymous said...

Happy to stand with this work with my prayers and giving to reach those around the world from where I live. How amazing to have a part in what is happening.