Friday, June 26, 2009

Kurdish "A" 's Story

here is a recent testimony we would like to share with you (written by our Iranian teammate Nader)...

It was Tuesday morning at the Athens Refugee Center when "A", the Kurdish man showed up looking for someone who can speak with him in Farsi. He said he was a member of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in Iraq for 4 years (where they taught them to fight with gun for freedom).

"I had no interest for religion and God but my interest was for a new gun and new tactics for fighting," he said. It took 15 days for him to come to Athens through the smugglers who he paid 4,000 Euros. He stayed with other Kurdish people in Athens.

One night he saw a dream. In his dream somebody was calling him. He looked up and saw writing in the sky he couldn't read. He heard again the voice calling him, saying, "Come to Me". He woke up crying and shaking. He told the other Kurdish guys about his dream, hoping they could help him understand. They told him to go to the religious people and ask them about his dream, and they directed him to our ministry center.

He came and told about his dream. I was listening to his entire story and I said, "I don't know what it means, but I knew God is calling you to come to Him." I talked about God and told him that for many years he fought for freedom and peace that he never received; today maybe is the time for you to receive it through Jesus...not by guns, but by faith in Him. I told him several verses in the Bible and he listened attentively.

He took my hand and started to cry. He didn't care about all the hundreds of people around us even though I tried to stop him. I gave him a Bible to read alone for himself and come back to ask any questions he had. When I was ready to leave him alone, he took my hand again and he said, "If I read the Bible and want to receive Him, what shall I do?" I said, "Just open your heart and let Him come into your life. He said, "Can we do that now?"

So we prayed and he invited Christ into his life! I was so happy and grateful to God to bring him to Himself. I was happy to see what God is doing in the heart of people. Then we prayed together. Pray for "A" and other like him who come to know the Lord. And thank you for all your prayers for every soul for salvation. May God bless you for being part of what God is doing in the Refugee Ministry here in Athens.

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